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Reisebericht: How we sneaked into the archaeological site of Chichen Itza Mexico!



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Weitere Reiseberichte von Call_of_Olli

We travelled already down to the border of Belize when somebody told us about a big event at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. On the 21st of march for the Equinox ( when the days are as long as the nights) there'd be a shadow, formed like the body of a snake, thrown on the pyramid. The shadow connects itself with the head of the snake which is made out of stone and placed at the bottom of the construction.
This happens exactly twice a year (21.12.) and is one proof that the Mayan culture already had a very developed knowledge about astronomy.

So we thought it might be worth to see and decided to hitchhike all the way up again. The night before the event we spent at Julian's place, the couchsurfer we already knew from the last time in Valladolid. Glad to meet him again so fast we left our stuff at his place and together with our Canadian friend Rakoo (we met him in the back of a Jeep while hitchhiking to Tulum) we started our way to the ruins.
Of course we were not planning to pay the 182 Pesos for the entrance and when we met up the two Italian guys, who we got to know in Chetumal, we were all thinking about a way to get into the archaeological area for free.
While we were walking to the main entrance, I saw that there was another entrance on the left side and I noticed that there were a lot of Mexican salespeople entering this way. I went there alone just to get a better picture of the situation and there were actually sitting two guys beside the little pay kiosk. I walked straight towards them and as it would be already clear I asked: "Hey, how are you? Can I pass here?" ...they just agreed and I could walk on.
At first I didn't even realize that I was already inside and thought that there'll be another checkpoint or something, but then I saw a big crowd of tourists and was standing in front of a giant pyramid.
Well, I went back to that pay kiosk because I wanted to see if I can somehow signalize the others that they might be able to get in there as well. They saw me waiving and started their way to the little entrance but unfortunately a security guard saw me waving as well and wanted to see my ticket... So I had to leave again.
Now, this way didn't seem to be a possibility anymore so we went back along the road a little and decided to try to get into the site one by one. I directly took a little path which led me to a barbed wire fence. Behind this fence the path went on so I just went through it and came to a small dirt road which was going into the right direction. Fifteen minutes later I stood in front of the giant pyramid again and waited for the others. After a while I decided to go out again and have a look if they maybe just didn't find a way, but first I visited the whole area and took some pictures...who knows if I would manage to enter a third time!

When I passed the main entrance to get out, it was quite funny to see all the tourist paying for something they should see for an acceptable price or for free.
Anyway, I went back to the spot where I left the group and took that path inside the forest. There I asked the Mexican salesmen if they'd seen my friends and they told me that two of them took the same path which I took and that it was about an hour ago. So I knew that if they didn't get busted they will be inside right now. I bought something to eat and to drink (Sorry, I can only pay the Mexican price) and took the same trail again. This time it didn't work out that good and when I tried to cross the last piece of free field behind the barrier tape, a security guard saw me. I told him that it was just for a minute to pee, but he stayed strict and said he wants to see my ticket. I explained that I've thrown it away with the other trash I had in my pockets and said that there's no sign at the entrance which says that you have to keep it. He still stayed strict and said that I have to leave. I pretended to be upset and said that I don't have that much money and can not pay for the entrance again, but he didn't care so I thought "well, then I will just try it again later" and fastly walked into the direction of the entrance. At one crossing I didn't keep on walking to the exit, but turned to the right. After some minutes I already thought that the security had lost me but then I suddenly saw him waiting with his bike in front of the next crossing. He was angrily looking at me, so I walked on into his direction and said that I have to find my friends to tell them that I will have to leave. Finally he bought my story and asked if I really payed.

Yes, sure I did.
-How much? .
180 pesos and a little... listen I understand that you have to throw me out and that a lot of people who cross that barrier tape will destroy something or make any other bullshit. I'm not one of them and would never do something like that. I'm here to get to know at least a part of the Mayan culture and I would really appreciate if I can stay.
- Well... ok...then get off here ...But don't tell anybody!
Of course I won't! Thank you!

Just a few minutes later I finally met the rest of my group and they all found their way to get inside. The Italians bushwhacked themselves to the pyramids from the right side and Ines and Rakoo just waited an hour before they followed the path which I took. Whatever, now we had to wait for four hours until the shadow would finally appear and when it happened it actually didn't look that exciting....surely interesting though, but to sneak in there was the much more exciting part of the story! ;-)


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