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travel partner / Reisepartner

01.06.2018 → 24.08.2028


Hello, my name is Hidgi. I am blind and looking for a new guide to travel in europe. You can be man or woman. I'm a shaolin monk, psychologist and writer. I'm an expert in Agoge, Kung Fu, Karaté, Taï Chi Chuan and Yoga. I'm also osteopath. I speak English, French, Esperanto, fao and Italian. I speak a little bit German, Hebrew, Japanese and creole. I am not giving a real salary but I will pay all expenses like food, accommodation and so on. I respect the life and I am against any violence therefore I am vegetarian/vegan, I don't drink alcohol, nor smoke, nor take drugs. And I won't pay for those things if you are my guide. Best would be you are already in the same spirit and you don't do those things either. You can contact me directly via whatsapp or telegram with a voice message. This system is best for me as I am blind. whatsapp: +49 17637641857 telegram: +49 157 33131728 Thank you, Hidgi

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