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Travel Buddy for West Coast Roadtrip


Tim vor 8 Monaten

Hi there! My name is Tim (27) and I am currently looking for a travel buddy to drive along the west coast of Australia. Originally, I planned to go with a friend of mine, but unfortunately he had to stay home. Because of this I already have a campervan booked and ready to be picked up. So now I am looking for someone to jump in and share the experiences (as well as some of the costs… Haha). I will start on Nov 15th in Perth. There is no real plan so far, but the idea is to first do the part north of Perth (~1 month) and afterwards go south. Here is some information about me: I am currently doing a little 5-month trip around the world. Originally, I am from Germany and recently finished my master’s degree. I like doing sports and hiking. So, Kit Surfing or doing tracks in national parks is something I´d be interested in. I am a very enthusiastic person, who always has a smile on his face. So, if you are easy going and interested in exploring the beautiful nature of the west coast let me know. Maybe write a few words about yourself and we can get in contact. See Ya!



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