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Mexiko   7 Tage

Two Months in Mexico (Wir können auch auf Deutsch sprechen wenn du willst)


Cynthia vor 24 Tagen

I don't like to be in Germany during the gloomy November, December and January months. I am planning a two month trip to Mexico during that time. It will be Yoga, cultural exploration, sun, swimming, tours, hiking and everything in between. I mean it's two months! I've found return flights to Cancun and/or Cabo for under EUR 400 and fully furnished apartments anywhere from EUR 150 - EUR 1500, depending on how fancy we want to be. Please let me know if you're interested. Also note that you don't have to stay the entire two months. Send me a message either way and we can figure something out. All I ask is that you be a decent human being (female, male, trans...etc, doesn't matter to me). Bis bald! Mexico, MX (Day 1)



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