iAdventure - Berchtesgadener Land, German Alps


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ARE YOU WONDERING IF THIS EVENT MIGHT BE FOR YOU? Do you love to enjoy Nature, immerse yourself in her mystery and embark on a discovery journey at a slow pace? Do you love to slow down and take the time to recognise possible presents or "gemstones" she might have in store for you and pause to marvel at her beauty? Do you love to be part of a group experience and feel integrated at all times? Do you love to feel inspired by scenic landscapes and let your imagination roam to unknown realms of endless possibilities? Would you love to walk your own path, reconnect with your inner power, leave the beaten track and take the road less travelled? Your road? The path of your heart? If you feel inspired reading these words please feel free to join us! Video Berchtesgadener Land: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAtvupNKzEU Event fee: 299 euros Includes: 3 nights at a luxury camping site with sauna and heated swimming pool Boat trip on Königsee Entrance fee to Wimbachklamm Cablecar up to Jenner No food. No transport. If you don't have a PayPal account please get in touch for alternative payment options. Camping equipment available for rent: 4 people tent, inflatable isomat, sleeping bag for 30 euros for the whole trip. iAdventures are multiple day events. Thursday May 21: We will meet at Heidelberg station at 6:00 in front of McDonalds. Optionally I could pick you up at home if you can't manage with your tent and camping stuff. Then we will head for the camping site and build up our tents or at least lay out our tarps to reserve the spots. Then we will head for the first hike. Some impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFGpzv8E950 Itinerary: Drive to Königsee Boat tour to St. Bartolomä Church Hike to St. Bartoloä Church Eisgraben Schrainbach Waterfall Stoawandvestl Back to St. Bartolomä Church Boat tour to Salet Great view on Watzmann Easter Face (2nd highest mountain in Germany after Zugspitze) Nameless Waterfall Mittersee Obersee Fischunkelalm Röthbach Waterfall (Hightest Waterfall in Germany) Distance: 12 km Ascent: 360 m Descent: 360 m Maximum Height: 720 m Mimimum Height: 600 m Friday May 22: Ramsau to Wimbachklamm (Wimbach Gorge) Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3UPjHofnbU Itinerary: Ramsau View on the famous St. Sebastian Church and Bridge Salina Kneip bath Ramsau Waterfall Bridge Wimbachklamm Spot to have a bath in the Gorge Wimbach Valley Schattseitweg Great view Distance: 10,5 km Ascent: 350 m Descent: 340 m Maximum Height: 930 m Mimimum Height: 630 m Saturday May 23: Jenner Loop Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw43jMXzuAI Itinerary: Car ride to Königsee Cablecar up to Mittelkaseralm Jenner Beautiful Hut Good view on Watzmann Strubalm Sulzbergkaser Great view on Untersberg Spring Waterfall Distance: 11 km Ascent: 720 m Descent: 720 m Maximum Height: 1830 m Minimum Height: 1130 m Sunday June 23: Hintersee & Suspension Bridge Itinerary: Pack our stuff and leave the camping site Drive to Hintersee Kallbrunnalm Klausbach Great view on the Ramsau Dolomites Hirschbichl Suspension Bridge Klausbachtal Suspension Bridge Hirschbichlklausgraben Heiratsstein Mega Landscape Litzlalm I offer 4 seats in my car from Heidelberg and Viernheim. 44 euros per person. If you are interested please get in touch. Please notice that there will be some activities and possibly team building techniques at the beginning, during and at the end of the event to get to know each other, share what we have experienced, enjoyed and lived and also the opportunity to make suggestions for possible improvements. The participation is voluntary. Meeting point and Camping site: Will be announced after booking.

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Ich liebe es Menschen in der Natur zusammenzubringen, Zusammenhänge in kraftvolle Worte zu fassen, damit wir uns öffnen können und unsere Augen aufleuchten, wenn wir beginnen mehr bei uns selbst anzukommen.

Profilbeschreibung: Ich liebe es Menschen in der Natur zusammenzubringen, Zusammenhänge in kraftvolle Worte zu fassen, damit wir uns öffnen können und unsere Augen aufleuchten, wenn wir beginnen mehr bei uns selbst anzukommen.

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