Raja Ampat  

Off the beaten path in North Sulawesi und Raja Ampat


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Hey, I will be travelling for a pretty long time this year. One of the more remote parts of my journey will be the north of Sulawesi and Raja Ampat. My experience has shown that travelling remote places is much smarter if one is not alone. So in particular I am looking for someone to join this part of my trip but wouldn’t mind travelling a longer time together (before I’ll be in the Philippines and afterwards I want to travel to Lombok, Flores and Komodo). Raja Ampat is a very pristine place which is known to tourism quite well. However, still very pristine because in total it’s pretty expensive. Expect to spend european prices here (About 50€ per day for food, accommodation and diving and flights are rather expensive). Though: simply google it: especially if you dive you should not miss out. North Sulawesi is very Indonesian — though on a very condensed area. Expect pristine beaches, remote jungles and vulcanos all around. Additionally, it is not touristy at all (yet). I am very open to anything in the area. Just do some research on North Sulawesi — you’ll defo find some must sees for you. Now a quick introduction to your travel buddy: I am Philipp, 25 years old, just about to finish my master’s in statistics. Before I start my PhD in Munich, Germany (I am German btw), I got 5 months off to travel the world or at least a tiny bit of it. I plan to visit Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, Bolivia and Peru this year. I am very experienced in backpacking and mid-term (1-2 months) travelling. My last longer trips were Colombia, Australia (I actually lived in Melbourne), and Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia). I am a very extrovert person and easy to travel with. I like to do plans but I am easy to reschedule. I speak German and English very well and my French and Spanish are okayish. If you think, I might fit your travel style and you are hooked on my trip, let’s chat a bit :)

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Philipp sucht 2 TripMates