Reit-Abenteuer in der Mongolei - With Horses Through Mongolia Tour 1 & 2

01.07. → 12.08.2019

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Dear friends, together with my friend Stell I organize this adventurous event in Mongolia 🏞 In a community of about 10 we will travel horseback with riding and with packing horses through the Mongolian steppe: where the steppe meets forestland, where we will cross rivers and swim in lakes, if you like even with the horses. To complement our horseback journey we will work and live as a community and explore activities such as meditation, yoga and tantric practices, breath work, dance, and other inner-transformation sessions. These elements enrich the group process and lead to an inner exploration, through beautiful experiences and hold at the same time the opportunity for inner transformation that is lasting. The combination of adventure with horses in nature and inner process and transformation work has been one of the most powerful experiences of our lives. We will have a Mongolian friend and guide with us who will accompany us through his homeland. We will meet nomads and Mongolian families along the way and connect with the nomadic culture. While logistics like horses and equipment will be organized, the group and every Self is welcome to take its part in the whole process of co-creating this journey. In an effort to create a financially available journey, participant prices are set close to operating costs, with the intention to enjoy a profound experience together. 3 weeks (1.7.-21.7. or 23.7.-12.8.): 2100 Euro 6 weeks (1.7.-12.8.): 3100 Euro (The prices include everything during the journey: horses and horse equipment, all community equipment such as community teepee, food mainly vegetarian, the inland transport, our guide, etc.) The group is already half full, so we recommend booking now as it is set to fill quickly. Write us if you are interested. Of course you can also write me in German! With Love, Frank and Stell

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Es ist noch niemand diesem Trip beigetreten.